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Hyderabad (India)

ISEC presents Agile Tour Hyderabad, 1st October 2011

After the overwhelming success of Agile Tour 2010 in India, India Scrum Enthusiasts Community (ISEC) proudly brings you Agile Tour 2011

ISEC hosted Agile Tour Events in India

ISEC will be hosting Agile Tour 2011 events in India at Pune,Hyderabad, Chennai and Bengaluru as per the schedule below




1st October 201115th October 201112th November 201126th November 2011


HICC Novotel The O HotelRainTree AnnaSalai Le Meridien

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Contact us

  • Visit our website: http://www.isec.co
  • Mail us at: org@indiascrumcommunity.org
  • Call: +91-8801010555 OR +91-9373312198

Session Themes

  • The streams of the Agile Tour 2011 Hyderabad are:

    • Agile First Steps : Assess ~ Understand ~ Implement
    • Agile in India : Review ~ Reboot ~ Improve
  • The streams for Agile Tour 2011 Pune are

    • Agile at Enterprise Scale: Governance ~ Certification ~ Scalability
    • Coaching and Training Agile Teams: Coexistence ~ Predictability ~ Quality
  • The streams for Agile Tour 2011 Chennai are

    • Agility Redefined: Retrospect ~ Innovate ~ Establish
    • Agile Project Management: Redefining ~ Coaching ~ Succeeding
  • The streams for Agile Tour 2011 Bengaluru are

    • Agile Decade: Agility ~ Failures ~ Myths
    • Selling Agile: The Art ~ Contracts ~ Delivery

About Agile Tour

Agile Tour is an international confluence of Agile events where multiple cities from around the world host the event during same period. Where at the global level, the synergies work to create a better agile world, the local organizers make it special by assisting local organizations, whether big, medium or small in adapting agile, the right way.

The third edition of the Agile Tour in 2010 attracted more than 7500 participants in 45 cities around the world (Canada, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, USA, China). Thus, in 2010, Agile Tour became the first biggest conference on the Agile topic on the world.

The fourth edition, Agile Tour 2011 would be more impressive with at least 50 cities, which will present content on the topics of Agile, Scrum, Crystal, Lean, Software Engineering, Psychology aspect, Antropology, Human resource and so on

To read more about Agile Tour 2011, please visit www.agiletour.org.

Target Audience

These conferences are aimed at everyone wanting to learn more about the world of Agile:

  • Project Managers
  • Coaches
  • ISDs
  • Enterprenuers
  • Directors
  • Marketing Teams
  • Developers
  • Etc..

Hosted By



ISEC is a pan-India, non-profit organization established by a group of Scrum and Agile Enthusiasts to provide a common platform for the Scrum and Agile Community in India to share, learn and grow together.

ISEC regularly organizes guest lectures, seminars, conferences to promote industry-industry and industry-academic interaction in fields related to Agile, Change Management, Business Process Management and other topics of interest.

To know more about ISEC, please visit http://www.isec.co/aboutus_ises.php.

ISEC’s first event in India, “Scrum Day India 2010” saw a huge success with close to 200 participants from 25 organizations and 14 speakers with 18 lectures in 3 different streams.

To know more about Scrum Day India 2010, visit http://www.isec.co/event_detail_info.php?event_id=1.

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