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Call For Speakers - Agile Tour 2011 Montreal

The Montreal Agile Community (MAC) is looking for speakers to participate in its third edition of Agile Tour.
  • Location: University of Quebec at Montreal (UQAM)
  • Date of event: Saturday October 29th, 2011
  • Deadline for submit a presentation: Friday September 9th, 2011

About the Agile Tour

The Agile Tour 2011 is a series of non-profit events taking place in several cities during the month of October. The main objectives are to gather Agilists, to promote Agility, to share the vision and support its adoption. The events will take place in Canada, France, Switzerland, Luxemburg, China and the United States and many other countries.

We are looking for speakers. The deadline for registration as a speaker is September 9th, 2011.

Topics covered

The topics of your presentation may be any of the following:
  • Introduction to Agility;
  • Agile software development, planning, architecture and testing;
  • Agile project management, reporting, metrics and evaluation;
  • Agile Teams, coaching and management;
  • Agile organisation and system;
  • Case studies of conversion to Agile;
  • Games and simulations on Agile values, principles and practices.

Target Audience

Agile Tour is open to all companies and individuals who want to learn more about agility and want to meet Agilists of their areas.

Presentation Selection Criteria and Acceptance Process

The MAC seeks to provide fairness and transparency in all our undertakings including presentation selection for Agile Tour Montreal.

Selection Criteria

  • Fit with conference topics;
  • Fit with target audience;
  • Value to participants;
  • Speaker track record;
  • Overall presentation calendar balance (reduce overlap / duplication of topic);
  • Target expected number of attendees (300);
  • The length of presentations is 45 or 90 minutes (including time for Q&A);
  • Expectation for longer presentations (45 - 90 min) is that they are interactive in nature;
  • French presentation are preferred;
  • Responsiveness to presentation feedback;
  • Submitted before the close of the call for speakers.


  • Conference sponsorship status;
  • Participation in MAC or personal relationships with MAC members.

Presentation Selection Process Feedback on submissions

As submissions are received, they will be reviewed and commented by other submitters and members of the MAC. We are doing this to promote an open and ongoing exchange of ideas for the improvement of all submissions. This review and feedback process will be used until the presentation selection is finalized. Speakers are expected to reply in a timely fashion to feedback they receive, and are encouraged to also provide feedback on proposals submitted by others.

Review and voting

Following the close of the call for speakers, the Agile Tour Montreal organizing committee will begin a private review of the submissions over a two weeks period. The committee will convene to select the submissions to be included in the program in accordance with the selection criteria. Committee members will not vote for their own presentations.

Speaker confirmation

Three weeks following the close of the call for speakers, speakers with accepted presentations will be contacted to confirm their commitment to present at the conference. In the event a submitter declines, the Agile Tour Montreal organizing committee members will select an alternate submission in accordance with the selection criteria. Once enough presentations are confirmed to make up a full program, regrets will be sent to the submitters whose presentations could not be accommodated.

To propose a conference

Please, follow these steps:
  1. Register on the site using the form : http://at2011.agiletour.org/en/user/register (if you are not a member already, otherwise you will get the message "Access denied");
  2. Then click on "Call For Speakers" that appears on the left when authenticated.


How can I contact the MAC if I have any inquiries? If you have any questions, please contact us by email to: Bruno Bouchard (bbouchard333@gmail.com). You can also visit the Agile Tour 2011 Montreal for more information.

I use Agile but I am not an expert, can I still submit a presentation? Yes! As this is a local conference, we feel it is important to provide a stage for local presenters to find a voice and chance to share.

I want to present in Montreal, but I live elsewhere. How can I pay for the trip? 

We welcome you to our conference, but we cannot cover travel or lodging expenses. The MAC is a non-profit organisation and opted for a low cost conference, hence doesn't have budget to pay for speakers.

What other cities near Montreal host the event? The closest cities to Montreal hosting the event are Quebec and Toronto. You can also visit the Agile Tour 2011 web site to get more information on registered cities.