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Dublin (Ireland)

Date & Registration Cost

Thursday 27th of October - Free event so 0 euro!


Grand Canal Hotel

Program (click on the link to get the slides)

1pm Registration + tea/coffee
2pm Welcome
2pm15 Myths and Realities of Agile Development (Colm O’hEocha from AgileInnovation) Effective testing in Agile projects (Fran O’Hara from Inspire Quality Services)
Myths abound about agile development: “it’s only for small greenfield projects”, “it means no documentation”, “it leads to bad architecture”, “it’s not suitable for contractual development”, “it only works with experienced teams”, and so on. In this session we explore and challenge some of these myths and point to real-world evidence that defy them. With your help, this will be a highly interactive session with lots of debate and questions. There is an increasing body of knowledge on what works and what doesn’t when integrating test into agile projects. This presentation will present the author’s experiences of both the challenges and the solutions that have been shown to work best in practice. Topics such as agile test strategy, test automation, agile test techniques and test roles will be addressed.
3pm Building the Agile Organisation (Robert McGarry from Ignition Team)
The Good, the Bad and the Cloud in Agile (Richard Bowden from Cloud Consulting)
At Ignition Team we define agility as the ability to rapidly adapt by taking appropriate action to particular event. More specifically, agility is the ability of an organisation to sense opportunity or threat, prioritise the potential responses,and act efficiently and effectively. Our experience tells us that what sets the most successful organisations apart from the rest is that they are excellent at all three activities.

In this talk Robert will discuss a method for assessing the organisational agility and will consider how organisations can become more successful by becoming more agile.

Richard will be drawing from some case studies to talk about how to know when Agile roles and processes are going well or not so well during projects. He will also discuss some direct experience in using Agile principles for projects involving Cloud Computing based services.
3pm45 Tea/coffee break
4pm15 The Reality of Agile Development in a Multinational Organisation (Emmet Townsend, Suzie Corbett & Alan Spence from D&B) Principles of Scrum (Gerard Hartnett from Goshido)
The text books are great but few projects are green field or exist in an ideal world or are even particularly small. Most are distributed across many time zones and then there are the silos and the politics. Then we have the fact that 'agile' is probably being driven from technology and does not have buy in from the organization or at least not real buy in, mainly because the implications are not understood. Then we have the impact of legacy constraints......so can it work at all? And if so, how? In his talk, Gerard will describe the basics of what Scrum is and how it works. He will describe how Scrum was introduced as a grassroots initiative in Intel.


Frederic OEHL: agileIreland@gmail.com


AgileInnovation - http://www.agileinnovation.eu
Founded in 2009, AgileInnovation focuses on the application of agile and lean software development methods in high innovation environments. As companies strive to develop new capabilities, products and markets, traditional business priorities of efficiency and quality must be augmented with the ability to ‘out-learn the competition’ and embrace emerging opportunities and change. By combining principles of lean product development with agile methods, AgileInnovation develops and supports enterprise teams operating in diverse, complex real-world environments through organizational assessments, consulting, training and coaching. Clients include Intel, HMH, OmniPay, Sage Technologies, Trigraph, Sogeti and various public sector organisations.
Inspire Quality Services - http://www.inspireqs.ie
Inspire Quality Services is the new name for Insight Consulting Ltd. originally founded in 1996 by Fran O'Hara. We provide services in areas related to
  1. Agile – particularly Scrum. Through a combination of executive awareness building, agile assessments, training and coaching we help organisations transition to a more agile way of working. We generally 'partner' with organisations to deliver on a successful transformation in support of measurable business goals.
  2. Software quality/test - ISTQB
  3. Software and Test Process Improvement – CMMI®, TMMi®, TPI®

We work in a wide range of sectors both in Ireland and overseas. Sectors include ICT, Banking, Insurance and Financial Services, Publishing, Utilities, Transport, Government and Lifesciences.