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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Bernard Marie Chiquet

emailbernardmarie [at] integralgovernance [dot] org
Phone number+33 6 80 33 89 55
CompanyIntegral Governance Institute
City (Country)Paris
Time 3h00
Type of ConferenceConference > 100 attendees

Comment rendre agile l'ensemble d'une organisation ?


Entrepreneur several times. CEO in large organizations for 15 years Founder of Integral Governance Institute for the last 6 years


How to make a whole organization agile? Is it possible to change the organizational operating system so that agility becomes possible within an organization? The ans wer is yes but you have to replace the old underlined organizational operating system - power system, structure, decision making processes - by a new one that includes fast decision making processes, a new organic struture, new dynamic steering vs predict & control paradigm, authority clarity, new capacities to process tensions and enable meaningful changes, anew integral ground to see organizations. The system i am going to describe and give you an experience by simulation is called Holacracy™.


No pre-requisite

Benefits for the attendees

Understanding why agility will not happen in any organization without a more deep update of the structure itself. Exploring new very practical tools and processes that allow that and get an experience of it.


http://bit.ly/rbHbvu http://bit.ly/lxtIn5 http://bit.ly/nSGzMb http://bit.ly/pBxJo2 http://bit.ly/mZ80wk
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