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Submitted Conference Content

Nom(s) et Prénom(s)

Om Band

JobDevelopment Manager
emailom [dot] band [at] sap [dot] com
Phone number+919986017659
Entreprise/OrganisationSAP Labs India
Ville (Pays)Bangalore
Type de conférenceConference < 100 attendees

The Timeless Principles of Lean Software Development


Om Band is working with software development for last 12 years and currently working with SAP Labs. He has worked on projects and products of different size and followed different methodologies and played different roles – developer, manager, scrum master etc. For last 3 years he is actively participating in the scrum and lean transition of his organization.


Lean has its roots in manufacturing industry. Still the principles are eternal and can very well be applied in software development. The session is aimed to take a deep dive into the principles of Lean software development and list down what it takes to follow them.



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Learn and apply the Lean principles in software development.
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