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Nom(s) et Prénom(s)

Raja Bavani

JobTechnical Director
emailbsraja [at] yahoo [dot] com
Phone number+919850049239
Ville (Pays)Pune, india
Type de conférenceConference > 100 attendees

Moving up from 'Offshore Staffing' to 'Agile Software Development'


Raja Bavani is Technical Director of MindTree’s Product Engineering Services (PES) group and plays the role of Product Engineering Evangelist and Agile Coach. He has more than 20 years of experience in the IT industry and has published papers at international conferences on topics related to Code Quality, Distributed Agile, Customer Value Management and Software Estimation. His PES experience started during the early 90s, when he was involved in porting a leading ERP product across various UNIX platforms. Later he moved onto products that involved data mining and master data management. During early 2000, he worked with some of the niche independent software vendors in the hospitality and finance domains. At MindTree, he has worked with some of the top vendors of virtualization platforms, business service management solutions and health care products. His areas of interests include Global Delivery Model, Agile Software Development, Requirement Engineering, Software Architecture, Software Reuse, Customer Value Management, Knowledge Management, and IT Outsourcing. He is a member of IEEE and IEEE Computer Society. He regularly interfaces with educational institutions to offer guest lectures and writes for technical conferences. His Product Engineering blog is available at http://www.mindtree.com/blogs/category/software-product-engineering. His articles and white papers on Agile Software Development are available at: http://mindtree.com/category/tags/agile. He can be reached at raja_bavani@mindtree.com.


Offshore staff augmentation is all about engineers staffed at offshore locations and treated as augmented team members reporting into an onsite lead or manager. While offshore staffing serves short-term tactical goals, it requires extensive one-to-one interactions and consumes significant communication and coordination overheads. As a result the team members continue to remain order takers and do not find opportunities to understand the big picture in order to create value to stakeholders. Even though there may be good reasons to start an engagement in an offshore staffing model, there are compelling benefits when stakeholders evolve it to the next level so that the offshore team becomes agile in executing projects. In software product engineering as well as in outsourced product development, Agile has been the mantra of success for several years. Moving up from offshore staff augmentation is a collective decision of project stakeholders. At MindTree we have collaborated with our partners in moving up the value chain. This requires lot of trust, support, collaboration and meticulous governance. In this session, we will discuss the top 10 factors that indicate that you moved up from offshore staff augmentation into Agile software development.


Awareness of Software Development Methodologies and Agile. Experience in working in global delivery model with distributed teams or offshore teams.

Bénéfices pour les participants

This session will provide 1) A quick overview of why and how offshore staffing becomes the least resistant path 2) The compelling factors on how Agile Software Development can benefit both the customer and project teams 3) A list of indications that make you realize that you are into staffing or you have moved up the value chain in to Agile Software Development 4) Answers to your questions on this subject through experiential learning and sharing
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