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Submitted Conference Content

Full name


JobManager , R&D Team
emailhemavathi [dot] a [at] nsn [dot] com
Phone number9880164360
CompanyNokia siemens Networks
City (Country)@ conference
Time 45'
Type of ConferenceConference < 100 attendees

Knowledge Management for Agile Projects


Hemavathi.A 14 years of industry experience and over 6 years in various lead and management roles. Joined the software industry in the year 1997 in wipro Technologies until 2003. Since 2003 joined SCS (Siemens Communication Software) which merged with Nokia to form NSN (Nokia Siemens Networks). Had been in various roles of a Tester, test lead in the pre-agile days and have been Area product owner and maintenance manager role in agile teams practising SCRUM.


Today, in agile projects knowledge management is a very important aspect, due to various resons. One impaotant reson being the changes in the scrum/agile teams can bring an erosion of know-how. Also it is amyth that agile recomments no documentation which can mislead into know-how erosion. This presentation aims at bringing the various aspects that should be taken care in an Agile team to be able to manage the know-how required to complete the project as per customer satisfaction.


Projection material.

Benefits for the attendees

Will be able to know various aspects of knowledge management in agile teams/projects
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