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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Nisha Shoukath

JobChief Operating Officer
emailnisha [at] people10 [dot] com
Phone number+91 988 60 6782
CompanyPeople10 (www.people10.com )
City (Country)India
Time 1h
Type of ConferenceConference > 100 attendees

Selling Agile to business - Comparitive Business Value of Agile Vs traditional methods


Nisha is a dynamic leader with expertise in delivering large technology projects in retail banking and capital markets across North America, Middle East, Europe and Asia-Pacific. She is an industry coach in advanced project management and strategic execution, and has orchestrated workshops for over 1,000 managers in Fortune 100 companies across IT, telecom, manufacturing, construction, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, banking and insurance sectors. Nisha has expertise in client engagement, business development, PMO setup, strategic change management and agile transformation. She has been product owner for developing analytical agile project management tool, sizing tools and defining customised agile certification programs. She has also been instrumental in transforming large organisation of 1000+ size from traditional to agile. She is passionate about fostering leadership and innovation, and is a staunch believer in quality and taking things to the finish line. In her past as Senior Vice President for Operations Technology at Société Générale Corporate and Investment Banking, she grew the offshore delivery unit to over 250 people. Prior to Société Générale, Nisha worked with the Swiss banking group Habib Bank AG Zurich at the Dubai head office, and in Toronto delivering technology solutions for global entities. Nisha holds a Masters degree in Computer Applications from CUSAT, is certified in Advanced Project Management from Stanford University, and is a Project Management Professional and a Certified Scrum Master. People10 : An Agile ecosystem - www.people10.com


a. Business Value of Agile i. Industry survey comparison of Agile Vs other methods (CMM, CMMI, ISO..) ii. Research studies proving ROI, ROA, Cos/Benefit, break-even etc iii. Comparison of productivity, quality, TCO of Agile Vs traditional iv. Qualitative indicators of Agile Vs traditional (risk, visibility, return, adptibility etc..) v. People angle (ownership and motivation)



Benefits for the attendees

How to get a business owner 'buy-in' to Agile using strong quantitative and qualitative data backed by research
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