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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Shweta Parashar

JobSenior Test Consultant / Scrum Master
emailsparashar [at] xebia [dot] com
Phone number+91 9818641616
CompanyXebia IT Architects
City (Country)..
Time 1h30
Type of ConferenceConference < 40 attendees

Master the "how", not just the "what & why" in Agile World


Speakers: Shweta Parashar and Priyanka Hasija Shweta has 8 years of experience in IT industry. She has spent all these years in testing complex applications across multiple domains like Finance, Travel, e-Learning and multimedia. She is a CSM (Certified Scrum master); and currently working as Agile project Manager. Priyanka started as a fresher in Xebia It Architects Pvt. Ltd.. She joined Xebia as her first company in 2010 and she has acquired a good hold of Agile methodology and is working as test consultant. She has done remarkable well in her agile projects.


Agile is buzzword, it’s difficult to cram a book and follow principle / practices. Intent of this session would be to enjoy the agile way. Agile is built on four fundamental principles or attributes - Communication, Simplicity, Courage and Feedback. This session would cover the practical implementation of these four Agile fundamental principles or attributes. Our intent is to involve audience in fun games to give them practical experience of agile. In addition we will also demonstrate some myths and difficulties which teams face while practicing. so that at the end they go out with the understanding of various terminologies and practices used in agile with some hands on experience through games from their day to day life. In this session we will execute the complete agile software development cycle with games that will start right from the planning phase till release followed by the retrospective meeting. By the end of the session, Audience will be able to share what all problems they faced and what all skills they require to work in agile environment along with the clear understanding of how they can achieve that.


Awareness about terminology used in Agile like: Sprint, Story point, Stand up, Burn down chat etc..

Benefits for the attendees

Take Away for the Audience: People will get good overview of what Agile software development cycle has. Also they will get understanding of how they can discover new business opportunities, drive strategy and product road map decisions, improve the effectiveness of sales and service organizations, and create more intimate, durable relationships with your customers. If you use these games, you'll come to understand what your customers really want.
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