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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Prerna Kale

JobIT Analyst- Product Owner
emailprerna [dot] kale [at] tcs [dot] com
Phone number98206 37089
CompanyTata Consultancy Services
City (Country)20K
Time 30'
Type of ConferenceConference > 100 attendees

Go Green with Agile- adopt zero waste model from waterfall to agile.


Prerna Kale has Industry Experience of around six years, has worked on various projects as IT Business Analyst in Australia and US practicing RUP. She is a Management Post Graduate and working with Tata Consultancy Services from a year. Now an enthusiast Agile practitioner from a year, she is immensely impressed with her Product owner role as she believes, it has provided her complete ownership, and enabled to leverage her skills to fullest and deliver quality. She believes in living with commitment, which is the driving force, and makes her passionate in the things she does, be it work or personal, and makes her a better individual, focusing on quality tasks.


Go Green your software with agile as the word implies, intends to encourage practitioners to save, conserve and reuse to create quality product with zero waste. In this discussion I would like to focus on four Go Green Principles- as Reduce, Reuse, Save and Utilize energy, and do not be a Litterbug. 1. Reduce- time to build and exceed expectations, 2. Reuse/Recycle- refactor your code by using test driven development methodologies, 3. Save and utilize energy-by frequently prioritizing the requirements and managing risks/uncertainties earlier, 4. Don’t be a litterbug- Produce more quality with less code that is bug free. Essence is to channelize energies effectively and smartly through agile methodology versus waterfall and deliver effective and better quality software. I also intend to share role-play/video with the audience, showcasing the benefits the agile practitioners enjoy in sprinting versus waterfall model.


Individuals with software skills will benefit the most, however applying agility in any domain, or daily tasks will be a great take away for any participant.

Benefits for the attendees

This discussion will help practitioners to understand the distinct benefits of agile versus waterfall and will also propel their decision to effectively transit to agile methodologies. It will also help developers to come close to the stakeholders probably one on one, and enable them to capture how effectively they can use their skills to build quality software in syndication with Product Owners, rather than relying on heavy use cases as the interaction thread.
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