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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Sowmya Karunakaran

JobSenior Consultant
emailsowmya [dot] karunakaran [at] hcl [dot] com
Phone number9840388584
CompanyHCL Technologies
City (Country)Chennai
Time 1h
Type of ConferenceConference > 100 attendees

Redefining Agility using tools


Sowmya Karunakaran has been involved in Agile Software development since 2005. She has worked in different flavors of agile., XP, Scrum, DSDM, FDD and XP/Scrum hybrid. Currently she is a senior consultant at Agile Center of Excellence, HCL technologies and is responsible for evangelizing agile practices across the organization and consulting on large scale agile transition activities for some of her Fortune 500 clients. She has presented many papers at various conferences including IEEE, ASCI and Agile Tour. She is an avid writer and enjoys writing articles and papers in her areas of interest and has recently co-authored the book “Model Driven Software development and integrated quality assurance” published by the IDEA group. Her interests involve Model Driven architecture, Agile Methodologies and Human Machine Interface Computing.


One of the core agile principles "Individual and Interactions over Processes and Tools" is often easily misinterpreted and there is a belief that agile projects do not need tools. However, the appropriate use of right tools is certainly bound to improve agility and this is also dependant to a great extent on the individuals who use these tools and how they use the tools. This session will help to redfine the Agile principle "Individuals and Interactions over processes and tools" and focus on introducing various tools that can help enhance agility at different stages of a project along with examples and case studies from my projects. A wide range of tools covering the areas of requirements management, planning, collaboration, automation, estimation, reviews , development and testing will be discussed. Special emphasis would be given on tools that can help maintain agility while operating as a distributed team.


Basic understanding of Agile principles

Benefits for the attendees

- Understand how their current pain points can be effectively addressed by use of right tools - Get an idea on the areas in which tools can be employed for their agile projects - Understand how agility can be maintained even in a distributed set up - Leverage their existing tools to enhance agility
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