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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Sunil Mundra

JobPrincipal Consultant
emailsunilrm [at] thoughtworks [dot] com
Phone number8007778350
CompanyThoughtWorks Technologies India Pvt. Ltd
City (Country)Pune
Time 45'
Type of ConferenceConference > 100 attendees

Learnings From a Decade of Agile in Practice


Agile Coach in India Consulting Services Team at ThoughtWorks. Have total 22 years of experience, of which more than 11.6 years is in the IT industry. IT experience is primarily in BFS products segment.


Summary of the talk: The formal adoption of Agile as a software development methodology began post he release of the Agile Manifesto. The Agile Manifesto just celebrated its 10th Anniversary and this is a good time to reflect upon the learnings from Agile in practice over the past 10 years. Learnings will be related to what has worked, what has not worked and conditions for both of these


Audience sensitized to Agile basics

Benefits for the attendees

The learnings would provide practitioners key insights that would accelerate/facilitate Agile adoption and use, without reinventing the wheel.


The title of the presentation will be: Learnings From a Decade of Agile in Practice
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