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Discussion Stream

War Stories

Share our Agile experiences

Group discussion to share how Agile is practiced in each of our situations. 10 minute slots can be reserved or will be determined on the day based on how many people participate.

Contact sydney.agiletour@gmail.com if you would like to facilitate or reserve a slot.

Agile Doctor

Bring your problems and let the doctors help you out. One-on-ones with more experienced Agile practitioners.

Contact sydney.agiletour@gmail.com if you would like to sit in as a "doctor" or reserve a slot.

Think Like an Agilist

Facilitated by Jason Yip

How would you respond, how would you think, if you found yourself in the most difficult, challenging Agile scenarios? A deliberate practice session on the Agile mindset.

When an Agile situation is routine, you may not be able to tell the difference between a novice and an expert. It's really only in the unanticipated, more challenging situations where we see an expert's superior capability. Agile experts think differently than novices about situations which is what allows them to adapt. If we accept this, then how can we help non-experts to think like experts? Think Like an Agilist is about using the most difficult and challenging Agile scenarios in order to expose and address weaknesses in our thinking and thus more effectively progress toward expertise.

Lightning Talks

5 - 10 minute talks

Determined on the day or contact sydney.agiletour@gmail.com if you would like to reserve a spot

Dev. Tools / Tech Demos

Contact sydney.agiletour@gmail.com if you would like to do a technical / tool demo