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Agile Tour Philadelphia (Usa)

Oct. 14, 2010, 4pm-8pm at Siemens in Malvern

Registration is closed.

This is your chance to meet with both Agile experts and local practitioners, all for free! Seats are limited--last year's event was fully booked in advance, so register early!

Agile Manifesto co-author Jon Kern will keynote the event!
We'll hear talks by speakers from the 2010 Scrum Gathering, XP 2010 (11th Annual International Conference on Agile Software), the Agile Alliance series of conferences, and from members of Agile Philly (Bonnie Aumann, Andre Dhondt, Brian Donahue, Burkhard Duemler, Ravindar Gujral, Sebastian Hermida, Aman King, Audrey Troutt, Daryl Richter, Prashant Srivastava).

Directions to Siemens


Hands-on plus soft-skills!
High-paced and dynamic, the day's event will be run with a track for a 4-hour code retreat plus four parallel tracks, punctuated by lightning talk introductions for each of the parallel 25-minute presentations.

View full schedule!

Speakers and Practitioners, Take the Stage!

We still have speaking slots available. Whether you're an experienced speaker or someone who wants to get other practitioners' opinions on a particular topic, contact us by e-mailing your ideas to AgilePhillyCoordinators -a-t- yahoogroups.com. Speakers will be selected by the end of September.

Speakers will be given a 2-minute slot to present a lightning talk to the entire conference body, followed by a 25-minute stage to be used as desired--traditional presentation, discussion, demonstration, etc.


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