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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Om Band

JobDevelopment Manager
emailom [dot] band [at] sap [dot] com
Phone number+919986017659
CompanySAP Labs India
City (Country)Bangalore
Time 1h
Type of ConferenceConference > 100 attendees

What to expect when you are scrumming


Om Band is working with software development for last 12 years and currently working with SAP Labs. He has worked on projects and products of different size and followed different methodologies and played different roles – developer, manager, scrum master etc. For last 3 years he is actively participating in the scrum and lean transition of his organization.


Great changes are seldom easy. Transition to agile is far from being a cakewalk. This presentation aims to take a journey through the scrum lifecyle. In the way, analyze each transition phase and list down the challenges that are typically faced during the phase. And some tips, tools and techniques to ease the labor pain. Process Mechanics: Lifecycle of a scrum team – Characteristics of a phase – Possible challenges – Some useful tools and techniques 1. Inception – Chaos, excitement, forming, struggling, anxiety – Understanding scrum, Resistance, Conflicts, Prejudice, Messed up planning/execution, Nothing works, Stress, Fear of failure, Crashing expectations, … 2. Settling - Ray of light, Things falling in place, Trust getting built – Still strong view points, diverse forces – Fragile setup, … 3. Matured – Things in place, Predictable velocity and environment, Well integrated team, Trust built – Sense of satisfaction, Comfort zone syndrome – Less challenging, Continues Improvement??, … 4. Dissolving – Sense of low value work – Anxiety, disinterest – Move on syndrome, … 5. Reformation – Another beginning - Different scrum experiences coming together – My scrum vs. your scrum – What was working there doesn’t work here! – Art of unlearning, …


Prior experience with scrum will help...

Benefits for the attendees

Be aware: What are the phases of agile transition – What are the typical difficulties/challenges faced during each phase –The transition is not instant, magical or painless Learn: Some tips, tools and techniques that will be useful in handling the difficult situations
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