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Submitted Conference Content

Nom(s) et Prénom(s)

Baburaj S and Sharad Julka

emailshrjlk [at] gmail [dot] com
Phone number9611863979
Entreprise/OrganisationNokia Siemens Networks Pvt Ltd
Ville (Pays)Bangalore
Type de conférenceWorkshop / 40 attendees

Requirements Management: Lessons We Learnt


Baburaj S is Head of Process and Technical Consultants at Network Systems at NSN Bangalore. He likes to coach and guide engineers into adapting latest and apt practices and tools. He is involved in evaluating current practices and process and recommending better practices for better quality of the product and better productivity and efficiency of the resources.


Through years we have used traditional tools and techniques for taking requirements from the Product Owners and understanding them and turning them into working software. Despite investing numerous hours into implementing epics and user stories, gaps have been identified and issues have been raised. To be able to tackle the problem of unclear, incomplete requirements and to be able to write an error free software, we hereby present our knowledge and experience of using the technique "Specification By Example and Acceptance Test Driven Development"



Bénéfices pour les participants

At the end of this session, you will be able to gain knowledge to : 1. Use examples to list the specifications 2. have a ready specification document for each of your user stories 3. avoid developing and testing unnecessary requirements 4. write test cases before writing code 5. identify functional tests and script them before writing code 6. have a more collaborative session with your PO, Customer, architect, designer and any other stakeholder
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