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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Claude Remillard

emailclaude [dot] remillard [at] incyclesoftware [dot] com
Phone number450-682-4777
CompanyInCycle Software
City (Country)Laval, Canada
Time 1h30
Type of ConferenceConference > 100 attendees

Using an agile approach for adopting ALM best practices.


Mr. Remillard is co-founder of InCycle and honored with the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award. Over the last two decades, Mr. Remillard has held different executive positions in the software and technology market. This includes the position of President of Acceleron, a software company that developed and marketed an expense management solution with close to half a million licenses sold worldwide.


Development teams are usually aware of opportunities for improvement but struggle with prioritization, practice details and how to get started. This session will present how Scrum can be used for managing practice improvement projects. I will also introduce InCycle BluePrint, a free turnkey TFS template that includes the work items, reports and templates and a series of ready-to-use initiatives to accelerate time to improvement. We will review how to organize an agile improvement project, how to create and manage the improvement backlog, how to run an improvement iteration and how to track progress with the dashboards.



Benefits for the attendees

For team leadership that is looking for implementing Agile and ALM practices, this presentation will provide: 1. Jump start an improvement project by utilizing a purposely conceived framework with ready-to-use initiatives 2. Increase teams and management commitment to the project by providing visibility to all stakeholders 3. Quickly and easily manage improvement initiatives by leveraging familiar development tools, technology and processes 4. Starting small and delivering incremental improvements by following common agile principles
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