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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Kevin Aguanno

emailkevin [at] AgilePM [dot] com
Phone number416-540-8570
City (Country)Toronto
Time 45'
Type of ConferenceConference > 100 attendees

What's that Smell? Early Warnings of Agile Project Issues


Since the early 1990s, Kevin Aguanno has been managing complex systems integration and software development projects using iterative and incremental approaches. For 15 of those years, he worked for IBM's Global Services division helping Fortune-500 companies adopt agile management practices. He was IBM's Agile Centre of Competence lead before leaving to start a private agile consulting practice. As a well-known keynote speaker, trainer, and coach in agile management meth­ods, Aguanno has taught thousands of people how to better manage high-change projects by using techniques from Scrum, Extreme Programming, Feature-Driven Development, and other agile methods. He is a frequent presenter at conferences and private corporate events where he delights audiences with practical advice peppered with fascinating stories from his own experiences in the trenches practicing agile project management. He has taught for several years at the University of Toronto where he won the coveted SCS Excellence in Teaching Award, and is a regular guest lecturer in software engineering and project management classes at several other universities. Kevin Aguanno holds a B.A. from the University of Western Ontario, and a Master’s in Project Management from the School of Business and Public Management at George Washington University. He is a PMI-certified Project Management Professional (PMP), and his competency is certified by IBM as a Certified Executive Project Manager and by the International Project Management Association (IPMA) as a Senior Project Man­ager (IPMA Level B). Aguanno is an active member of the Project Management Institute (U.S.A.) including the Information Systems SIG, the American Society for the Advancement of Project Management (U.S.A.), the Association for Project Management (U.K.), and the Project Management Association of Canada where he is a founding director and the current Vice President. He is accredited by the International Project Management Association (founded in Switzerland) as a project management competency assessor, and he performs IPMA assessments for the ASAPM in the U.S.A. and the PMAC in Canada. Kevin Aguanno is the author of over twenty books, audiobooks, and DVDs in addition to a number of articles published in magazines and journals worldwide.


Agile methods break many of the controls we commonly use on our traditional projects. In addition, they use completely different metrics for tracking project progress and health. In an agile environment, how do you know if your project is running well? This 60-minute presentation will introduce you to some early warning signs that your agile project is heading in a bad direction. By keeping a sharp nose out for "foul smells"in these areas, you'll be alerted sooner of impending troubles, giving you more time to take corrective action. This event is ideal for Scrum Masters, Agile Project Managers, PMO Leads, Corporate Risk Managers and Auditors.
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