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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Pierre NEIS

JobScrum Coach
emailpneis [at] coprocess [dot] lu
Phone number+352 661 727 867
CompanycoProcess S.A.
City (Country)Luxembourg
Time 1h
Type of ConferenceConference > 100 attendees

Product Owners, it's time to wake up!


Pierre is a French-German Scrum Coach based in Luxembourg and has experience of over 40 projects in agile environments. Apart from his many web contributions and its interests as a speaker (26 last year), Pierre is focused on helping organizations in the implementation of Scrum and agility in a natural and effective way. His strengths: Training like coaching, Group Dynamics, FDD, AgileEVM, Agile PMO, Agile Governance, System Thinking, Lean, Kanban, Visual Management, Product Development, Agile Project Management. Some references: Accenture TCS, CapGemini, Centre des technologies de l'information de l'Etat (Luxembourg), SAP, Fujitsu Services, Devoteam, GFI, CNRS, Epitech, CESI.


There is a huge misunderstanding of Product Owner's role. Since 8 years, the Product Owner is no more the customer's representative or a proxy. It's time to wake up! If PO's role isn't clarified your Scrum is in danger! This conference is an active coaching session on Product Ownership in 2011's Scrum 2.0. Key points are: - Requirements engineering processes - The PO is a Team Member in the Team - One PO per Scrum and stop the shit! - Product Development and Release Planning matters - Yesman and Noman - PO's Daily Life - Tips and Tricks to reduce your risks


have a sound of Scrum

Benefits for the attendees

Have an insight of Mature Scrum Process Identify that Scrum is based on 3 pillars: ScrumMaster, Developers and Product Owner. Become a clear Vision on the Scrum Process.
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