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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Himanshu Joshi & Prerna Kale

JobIT Professional
emailhizzac [at] gmail [dot] com
Phone number+91-22-67322516
CompanyTata Consultancy Services
City (Country)Mumbai
Time 45'
Type of ConferenceConference > 100 attendees

Gracious survival of Documents in Agile


Himanshu Joshi has been an agile practitioner for over two years and he has been the part of software development industry for more than 6 years. He has an experience working with different levels of organization varying from a start-up culture to an enterprise culture in varied roles. He is a project leader with Tata Consultancy Services and is also working closely with an agile passionate team as a Ruby developer in the organization. He is involved in ensuring quality of software development life cycle within the organization and believes in using agile with measurable quality. Prerna Kale has Industry Experience of around six years, has worked on various projects as IT Business Analyst in Australia and US practicing RUP. She is a Management Post Graduate and working with Tata Consultancy Services from a year. Now an enthusiast Agile practitioner from a year, she is immensely impressed with her Product owner role as she believes, it has provided her complete ownership, and enabled to leverage her skills to fullest and deliver quality. She believes in living with commitment, which is the driving force, and makes her passionate in the things she does, be it work or personal, and makes her a better individual, focusing on quality tasks.


In the agile world we don’t believe in dedicated documentation practice. But the documentation has its own importance. Imagine the knowledge retention of a project without documentation. So how does the documentation survive in agile? In agile the practice should be building the documentation rather than writing the documents. Dead documents are of no worth, hence identifying what need to be documented has its own importance. Agile world can embrace new modes of documentation like video capturing. An executable test script with proper description of test case can also serve as a document. We intend to present how the agilist can best practice agile by embracing just enough documents.


Basic understanding of Agile

Benefits for the attendees

Agilist will understand how to maintain document effectively in Agile. Agilist will be able to identifying existing assets from the application that could serve as documents.
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