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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Amoli Upadhye

JobSoftware engineer
emailamoliupadhye [at] gmail [dot] com
CompanyTata Consultancy Services
City (Country)Mumbai
Time 45'
Type of ConferenceConference < 100 attendees

7 habits of highly effective Agilists


I have been serving TCS for the past 7 years and have been an agilist since the last 4 years. During my total experience of 7 years, I have worked on IT projects that were executed using Waterfall, RUP and Agile(Scrum) models. I am continuing to enjoy my current role of a Product Owner / Business Analyst as I get to see IT (and software requirements, in particular) from business sponsors’ lens. My activities have primarily included requirements gathering, elicitation and communication between the sponsors and development teams. I love to develop my problem solving and analytical ability skills, among other things, while working with development teams and sponsor communities. For example, negotiating a requirement due technical limitations with sponsors or conveying critical (or worst, changed) business priorities back to development teams.


Excellence is a result of habit. A person becomes great by doing great acts, moderate by doing moderate acts and good by doing good acts. And we are our acts, as Agilists. Our actions (or better, habits) thus, have a resounding impact on our career, image, team and project. I intend to explore for myself, and share with others, what these habits are, that make teams walk that extra mile and transform them from good to great. How some teams do things differently and achieve stellar success. I have chosen to use the 7 habits framework pioneered by Stephen Covey. I want to propose how agile teams can be self-reliant, self – masters and move towards interdependence, which Covey calls public victories.


Basic understanding of Agile

Benefits for the attendees

1. Agile teams can know of ways to become better teams and exhibit bigger synergy 2. The session would sensitize agilists to habits that would enable them achieve professional victories
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