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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Alexey Krivitsky

JobCTO, Agile Coach
emailalexeykrivitsky [at] gmail [dot] com
Phone number+380503589212
City (Country)Kiev, Ukraine
Time 45'
Type of ConferenceConference > 100 attendees

Offshore Outsourcing with Scrum. A body of knowledge on managing offshore teams


Agile-coach and Scrum-trainer, CxO of SCRUMguides coaching and training company operating in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. Alexey is a founder of AgileUkraine community. He is also a founder and frontman of AgileEasternEurope and AgileBaseCamp conferences. Since 2008 he has been working co-training a majority of the Certified ScrumMaster classes in Ukraine. In 2009 has invented one of the earliest Scrum Lego simulations. Talking about hobbies, Alexey is a bass player and a ski freerider.


Track: Offshore development Audince Level: Practitioners Based on the blog: www.scrumoffshore.net. For whole my career – from a developer to a team lead to an agile coach – the vast majority of the projects I’ve been involved in have been dealing with offshore software development. A poor guy, one can say. Maybe. But I’ve learned a lot! In major cases I saw development teams that are geographically separated from the product management. In some other cases there were native teams were seating close to the product people, whereas the unlucky ones were spread across the globe. I’ve seen both successful and disastrous projects in terms of the ways communication and coordination was designed. I saw people being pretty much on the same page in terms of project goals while seating in different offices and in different countries. And I saw people being completely off the track, suffering and losing motivation. For the last five years I’ve been collecting mental memories of what made some projects good places to be and some not-so-good ones. Now with a ever-growing market of offshore development in the Eastern Europe, I see a need to integrate what I’ve seen and try to make it beneficial for the industry. To let people know how to do it properly to avoid the aches. Being interested in the Eastern philosophy I’ve come across a mantra – a mantra of offshore development which sounds like: THINK TWICE. START IT UP. SPEED IT UP. SCALE IT UP. If you are more a Western-minded person, you can think of a formula rather than a mantra. Then T2S3 is your answer :) In this talk I will present a pattern-based framework for organizing offshore work. Namely, a set of advices on how one should go about working with offshore development teams from the very first steps like hiring up to the advanced things like optimizing and scaling. All of that will be presented with the Agile mindset. And the Scrum as a core framework for dealing with complexity, teams and culture of improvements. While waiting for the conference and my talk, check out the blog www.scrumoffshore.net where I’ve started to elaborate the ideas.


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