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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Om Band

JobDevelopment Manager
emailom [dot] band [at] sap [dot] com
Phone number+919986017659
CompanySAP Labs India
City (Country)Bangalore
Time 1h
Type of ConferenceConference < 100 attendees

Scrum and Lean: Multiply the powers!


Om Band is working with software development for last 12 years and currently working with SAP Labs. He has worked on projects and products of different size and followed different methodologies and played different roles – developer, manager, scrum master etc. For last 3 years he is actively participating in the scrum and lean transition of his organization.


Scrum and Lean are two different methodologies. Evolved at different times, at different locations, under different circumstances, to solve different problems. Yet they have quite some similarities in principles and are complimentary in processes. At SAP we started our agile journey towards Lean and Scrum around 3 years ago. Our challenges were many – big organization, large products, multiple locations, huge expectations just to name a few. The presentation aims to discuss how we blend scrum and lean together, our agile journey, the milestones, the challenges and the road ahead...


Basic knowhow of scrum

Benefits for the attendees

How to blend Lean and Scrum together. Learn from our story – from what we did well, from the challenges that we faced, from our responses and also from our mistakes. Learn the easy, wonderful and powerful lean tools and practices. They can be used in isolation without big bang lean. How to build a culture of continuous improvements and develop an aversion towards waste.
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