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Submitted Conference Content

Full name

Om Band

JobDevelopment Manager
emailom [dot] band [at] sap [dot] com
Phone number+919986017659
CompanySAP Labs India
City (Country)Bangalore
Time 45'
Type of ConferenceConference < 100 attendees

Scrum: Why it works and why it sucks!


Om Band is working with software development for last 12 years and currently working with SAP Labs. He has worked on projects and products of different size and followed different methodologies and played different roles – developer, manager, scrum master etc. For last 3 years he is actively participating in the scrum and lean transition of his organization.


There are many followers of scrum in the world. Yet each team has their own story, challenges and results. There are many teams who are able to produce significantly better and faster software with scrum. At the same time there are many teams which achieve only marginal improvements. And yes there are also some instances where scrum worsens the things, resulting in worse software at more cost and more stress! The presentation aims to do a deep dive and find what lies beneath the different results.


Basic knowhow and some experience with scrum

Benefits for the attendees

Why is scrum the way it is – Why it is important to follow the principles – What happens if the principles are violated.
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